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A cozy, boutique neighbourhood studio in Berlin Mitte offering group mat classes, Pilates Fusion hybrid training and private & duo Reformer & Tower sessions.


In person classes are back. Covid safety measures in place. Please see bookings for schedule and reservations.


Private Sessions

Keep your routine with personalised instruction  



My small group classes allow for hands-on attention and an efficient, concentrated practice. The classes are challenging, but I tailor them to suit various levels and fitness backgrounds. Through a consistent pilates practice, you can develop your inner core strength, while achieving flexibility and increased body awareness. Classes are conducted in German or English depending on participants.

Mat Class The Base Pilates Berlin

Mat Class

Pilates Fusion


Post Natal Class The Base Pilates Berlin

Pre/Postnatal Pilates


The Base Pilates is an intimate pilates studio dedicated to personal training and wellness. I create individualised and holistic pilates programs for a healthy body and focused mind. I want the hour you've dedicated to training to reset your energy. 


My small classes are rooted in the classic teachings of Joseph H. Pilates, but also draw on modern fitness practices, like high intensity interval training (HIIT) and yoga, to create a full body workout that leaves you inspired and energized.

Located in the quiet courtyard of a historic Altbau in Mitte, The Base Pilates is equipped with a professional reformer, tower and all the balls, magic circles, bands and weights needed to make the most out of your session.


I offer morning, lunchtime and evening classes. Personal sessions arranged by appointment. I speak German and English.


Why Pilates?

Developed nearly a century ago, Pilates' innovative method is more relevant today than ever before and can help relieve back pain and poor posture stemming from our sedentary habits and stressful lives. Exercises are inspired by the original Pilates principles of concentration, breath, control, precision, center and flow. 

Described by Joseph Pilates as "the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit", Pilates activates your mental focus and utilises breath awareness to engage the muscles of the spine, diaphragm, abdominals and pelvic floor. The goal of a pilates practice is to increase overall strength and flexibility.


Pilates exercises can be modified and adapted making them well-suited for all ages and fitness abilities. 


Increase Muscle Tone

Greater Mobility

Improved Posture

More Flexibility 

Strengthen inner core or "Powerhouse"

Body Awareness

Relieve Stress & Tension


T R A I N E R 

I first discovered Pilates in 1996 while training to be a professional ballet dancer in Los Angeles. Back then, the exercises complemented the hours of strenuous training I put my body through day after day.


15 years later in Berlin, I reincorporated the practice into my life to counteract the stress of working motherhood and to restore strength and movement following a neck injury. After years without regular, intensive training, my ballet body had become weaker and less stable. To address my own physical issues, I began exploring the Pilates method and incorporating my own exercises to form my signature Pilates Fusion workout; I eventually began holding private classes and training.

In 2015 I began my teacher certification with BASI Pilates®  (Body Arts and Sciences International) and completed my 600-hour comprehensive training program to become certified in mat and all apparatus of the Pilates Method. 

My goal as a teacher and owner of The Base Pilates is to help my clients feel stronger, more supple and more comfortable in their bodies in a focused, connected and non-judgemental practice space. I believe the ability to move freely in your body is key to good health and well-being.


Looking forward to working with you!


— Daena Brandt


“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.”

— Joseph H. Pilates



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The Base Pilates

Chausseestr. 36

10115 Berlin, Germany


+49 176 88105323



We are located across from the BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) at the Gallery and event space Chaussee 36. You’ll find my studio through metal gates; the entrance is a glass door on the right side of the courtyard.


Public Transportation

U6: Naturkundemuseum (2 minute walk)

S1: Nordbahnhof (8 minute walk)