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Pilates Mat is a series of dynamic exercises focusing on breath, flexibility and the use of our “power house" muscles to stabilize and lengthen the body. We use Joseph Pilates' original exercises but modify as needed to suit the client.

Exercises are inspired by the principles of breath, concentration, centering, precision and flow with emphasis on technique and mobility of the spine along with recruitment of the deep postural muscles.

From Pilates Flow, Classical Mat and Power Pilates to the Fundamentals, Yogalates, ELDOA & Myofascial Stretching, we have a class for everyone. Our studio is open to all levels, body types and ages.


See prices.


@12:15 Happy Joints 45'

@16:00 Prenatal

@17:00 Best of both: Yoga+Pilates



@9:30 Power Pilates

@18:30 Pilates Fundamentals



@09:00 Pilates Flow

@19:15 Prenatal


@10:30 Postnatal 

@18:30 Classical Mat

@19:30 ELDOA™ + Myofascial Stretching


@9:30 ELDOA™ + Pilates

@16:00 Power Pilates

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